Short-Term Accommodation

Short-term accommodation is for overnight stays or for longer periods of time and can be provided in planned blocks for regular breaks or holiday periods.


Short-term accommodation can also be used if your usual carer has a medical emergency or is unavailable due to other commitments. Short-term accommodation can support your transition to permanent residency. NADO’s Cottage is a short-term accommodation option located in the suburb of St Marys. Wheelchair accessible, comfortable and air-conditioned, the cottage allows people with a disability to experience time away from home in a safe, engaging and supported environment that takes into account the usual routines of school or work, training, and programs. This lovely cottage has two living rooms and a peaceful garden courtyard. NADO’s Cottage is within a short distance to shops, public transport, and entertainment facilities.


In our short-term accommodation we offer:

  • vehicle availability for transport
  • 24/7 staff support - experienced staff
  • the cottage offers long-term transition to permanent placement
  • life skills i.e. budgeting/banking and cooking skills
  • home like feeling
  • the cottage has wifi and Foxtel
  • all rooms air-conditioned
  • close to transport and shops

Michael's Story 


Michael came to the respite cottage in April 2017 as he was no longer able to live at home with his family due to his high support needs and health issues for his carers.

Our role, along with his support coordinator was to find Michael his forever home that would best support his needs, be of his choice and provide him with a safe and happy living environment.

During this time Michael was supported to be continually involved with his family to ensure this connection continued, and had the security of his family in his future decisions.
Michael was also supported to continue with his Transition to Work program 3 days a week as he was working towards his goal of getting a job in a career of his choice.

To further his independence, Michael took part in developing his living skills on a daily basis to ensure the best success in his future transition into his new home, participating in cooking, food planning/shopping and domestic tasks around the house.

Michael also enjoyed taking part in social group activities in the community as previously he felt quite isolated and now he is able to make new friends.

After a few months, Michael found his new home. After meeting the other residents and staff, he found that he had a lot in common with one resident who had similar interests.

Michael’s transition from his family home went smoothly and during the course of his stay at NADO, he developed lots of new skills and gained increased confidence. This was a great outcome for everyone involved especially Michael.


FAQ regarding Short Term Accommodation

Yes, as long as you are funded for short-term accommodation in your NDIS plan, or you have core supports to cover short-term accommodation.

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