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NADO Expands Disability Accommodation Services

17 Feb 2020

At NADO, we offer a wide range of flexible support services that allow people with disability to build independence, participate in the community and maintain good communication with families, friends and circles of support.

Our Supported Independent Living (SIL) in a shared home environment provides our Participants the opportunity to live the way they want as independently as possible.

NADO currently provides eight Supported Independent Living housing accommodation across the Penrith region and is excited to announce the opening of our ninth group home which recently became available in Kingswood.

Female residents of the new home had both previously resided in NADO’s Short Term Accommodation whilst awaiting their NDIS funding to move into their own house which enabled them to get to know each other and decide if they were compatible for living long term.

Since moving into the new premises, the two ladies have been busy working on their independent living skills which includes learning how to cook, doing general household chores, purchasing groceries, budgeting monies and taking responsibility whilst also making decisions which surround the daily running of their home.

Both ladies have been supported to choose activities they would like to participate in and staff have supported them to attend these. With this, they have expanded their interests and social circles as they try new activities and experiences both in group settings and individually.

“I really like our new home and the things we get to do, I feel very safe and content here” commented one of the female residents.

The two new tenants of the home are very happy to be living in their own house where they will continue to be supported by NADO to live fulfilled lives according to their individual aspirations and life choices.

All of the Shared Independent Living houses managed by NADO are made to be comfortable and secure where residents can enjoy their own privacy and freedom, whilst being involved in daily household decisions and activities allowing them to grow and develop the skills they need to live independently.

NADO is continuing to develop opportunities within the Penrith and Blue Mountain areas regarding Shared Independent Living accommodation. If you are interested in learning more about these upcoming opportunities please contact us today.