Teens Social Community Programs - TeenZone

TeenZone is a membership-based program offering various weekly events and outings for teens aged 12-17.


TeenZone gives you the “Freedom to have Fun” whether that is within a group setting or one on one – NADO staff will support you to do the things that you want to do, this may include learning new life skills, playing your favourite sport, having fun while getting fit. You may want to be more involved with friendship groups with others of the same age and have the same interest as you or gain confidence, empowerment and just be you.


At NADO you will have the opportunity to play sport, learn how to get through challenging activities, bring the creative side out that you may not have known you had or be involved in different cultural activities.


The only way to find out is to come along and try it out – you are bound to have some epic FUN.


TeenZone is for kids aged between 12-17 years of age living with a disability.

Chat with us or  call us now on 1300 738 229 to find out more details on how you can join TeenZone.


Lifestyle and Living Skills

Our Lifestyle and Living Skills Program is designed to be a little more laid back and cost-effective without the venue and activity costs. This program is  aimed predominately at 12-17 year olds, however, we can cater for younger if required.


These activities may include a relaxing day watching movies, learning new skills in the kitchen and cooking lunch, being creative with arts and crafts, dancing to the music at our Kids Disco or enjoying the outdoors on a bushwalk.


Most activities will have a learning component which will encourage participants to learn about making good lifestyle and living choices.

School Holiday Programs

NADO’s School Holiday Program caters for both community based activities, as well as in-house activities. The school holidays are a time to have fun and that is what NADO aims to do. With an easy one drop off and pick up location, NADO takes all the worry out of what the kids are going to do over their school holiday break.

Each weekday during the school holidays is jammed packed with fun things to do from; a day out ice skating, to jumping off the walls at Flip Out, enjoying cruises on the river or a picnic in the park. There is so much to choose from. Or for those that want a little time out and prefer to stay in one spot, we have you covered for that as well with our in-house activities.

This program encourages participants to learn new skills, make new friends and do something they may not get to do every day.


Check out our upcoming activities in our Calendar and call us now on 1300 738 229  to find out more details on how you can join.