Our Psychology Services at NADO can help if you are experiencing changes or difficulties in your everyday life. 

Some examples of these difficulties may include:

  • If you are feeling things are getting too much to manage
  • If your everyday life is causing issues at work or home
  • If you feel sad, anxious, angry, guilty and/or alone

How We Can Help:

  • We can speak with you and help you figure out what is happening to you and what difficulties you are experiencing
  • We can speak with other people who support you and know your situation, with your consent to help us understand your situation better
  • We can decide together about what can happen in the future to improve your feelings and wellbeing
  • We will talk about the goals you would like to achieve and work tog

 One of the reasons you may require or meet with a psychologist is to learn more about yourself and how your mind works and the relationship between your beliefs and thoughts as well as how you are feeling and behaving and to do this, therapy works best when a collaborative relationship is formed between therapist and participants.

NADO (Nepean Area Disabilities Organisations) is located in Penrith and services regions from Parramatta to the Blue Mountains. We offer Psychology and Counselling Services for the following:

  • Addictions
  • Anger Management
  • Anxiety Disorders and Phobias
  • Behaviour Assessment and Support (including Autism)
  • Communication Problems
  • Cognitive and Adaptive Functioning Assessments for Children and Adults
  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • Emotion Wellbeing Support - one on one psychological therapy/counselling and brief behavioural strategies
  • Mental Health
  • Relationship / Marriage Counselling
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Self-esteem Issues
  • Workplace Concerns


Behaviour Assessment and Support

At NADO, we can provide behavioural assessments and behaviour support to people with Intellectual Disability, which involves functional behaviour assessment, developing a Positive Behaviour Support Plan and training families to apply the strategies in the Positive Behaviour Support Plan.

We all use a range of behaviours to try to cope, some of these may be helpful and some may not. We can support you to find helpful ways when you are having strong emotions such as sadness, anger or frustration.


We Can Help You:

  • Work out why unhelpful behaviours occur
  • Work out other ways to cope with unpleasant emotions and meet your needs
  • Prepare a behaviour support plan to help reduce unhelpful behaviour and improve your daily life.
  • Data collection – this could include interviews, observation and home visits
  • Writing Positive Behaviour Support Plan with behavioural strategies
  • Support staff or carers training to apply the behavioural strategies.
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Steven Bailey

Senior Psychologist - B. Sc (HONS), Masters of professional psychology.

Steve specialises in working with people who have a disability and/or experienced trauma and/or mental illness. His special interests include the online treatment of depression and anxiety and the treatment of screen addiction. His accreditations include being a Member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS), Associate Fellow of the International Centre for Clinical Excellence and Member of the Case Management Society of Australia.


Shagufta Alam

Provisional Psychologist - B. Sc (HONS), Masters of professional psychology.

Shagufta offers therapeutic counselling with a special interest in working with people with disability and mental illness.  Shagufta has extensive experience working with people with mental illness (mental health issues) such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and bipolar. With a love of art, one of Shagufta's strengths is art therapy.

Shagufta supports people from diverse cultural backgrounds and is multi-lingual speaking fluent English, Urdu and Hindi.

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