Plan Management and Support Coordination

Plan Management


When you have an approved plan, you can choose to have your plan either agency managed, you can self-manage, or you can employ a plan manager.

If you have your plan agency managed, you will only be able to choose services and supports from registered providers. If you self-manage or employ a plan manager, you can purchase services that will help you meet your goals from the wider business community, whether they are a registered NDIS service provider or not. For example, many therapists are not registered and unless you are self-managed or have a plan manager, you will not be able to access their services with your NDIS funds. The benefits are clear:

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Support Coordination



NADO has an experienced NDIS team who can help you breathe life into your NDIS plan. Their wealth of networks and connections and personal passion to get the best out of your plan will set you on a path to success.

We can help you to understand your plan and find the services that are best suited to meet your goals. Through your relationship with your Support Coordinator, you will build the skills and networks to keep growing your confidence to take your plan to the next level.

Who is looking after you?



Our client engagement officers support people to implement their NDIS plans through the functions of support coordination, plan management, and plan implementation.

When you start your service with NADO, a client engagement officer will be appointed to you as your point of contact to implement your plan. They will help you with your specific needs every step of the way, both with services that NADO can provide you, as well as connections to other services and supports in the community. They are an experienced team who will help you build the network of services and supports that meets your needs.

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