Up Up and Away - Independent Living Skills Program

Up, up and Away is a 6-week intensive program to help you gain the skills and knowledge to live an independent adult life in your own home.

If you are feeling ready for the next move to independence, this course will help you understand your rights and responsibilities, providing guidance and support for your transition to a safe and healthy lifestyle in the community.


As well as skill development we will assist you to move towards independent living, by helping you to build friendships and meaningful and connected support networks empowering you to reach your potential.


You can learn and gain skills in areas of:


Food preparation, meal planning, kitchen safety and nutrition

• General house maintenance and cleaning routine

• Personal safety and security

• Tenancy rights and responsibilities

• Budgeting and planning

• Setting personal goals

• Communicating with others

• Adjusting to change

• Circles of support


Small group-based sessions

 * Supportive encouraging facilitators

 * Paced to the individual’s needs

 * St Marys location




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