St Marys Community Day Program


There is never a dull moment at our St Marys Community Day Program, with our program ready to go as you arrive each morning and it doesn’t end until it’s time to go home. Our programs are varied and popular with our participants (and staff) with other NADO Community Day Programs coming to join in.


Our St Marys Community Day Program has a weekly program, catering for every participant, whether it be group activities or individual 1:1 support. Our daily programs include activities such as drama, communication workshops and community access, as well as our “Big Day Out” each week. This program is also known for its fun-filled themed days. Our staff take great pride in making these days as much fun as possible – theme days may include Australia Day, Easter, ANZAC Day, Halloween and Christmas. Staff encourage costumes and the day is full of activities relevant to the theme – which always brings smiles and laughter.

Bike Zone is run on a Tuesday afternoon and is always popular, not only with our St Marys participants, but other participants from various other NADO Community Day Programs. Participants from this group strip down, repair and rebuild bikes. When it’s time for a break, they can always take 5 with a friendly game of pool while listening to the jukebox.


Music is a big part of our St Marys Community Day Program’s week and therefore our music appreciation sessions are enjoyed by all, along with crafts and dancing. Our participants take their art very seriously, where participants enter in shows for display, in particular, The Luddenham Show with some very proud results as every year they have received 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons and certificates.


St Marys Community Day Program also offers a successful 1:1 individual support program. This support program offers participants the opportunity to experience activities not only catered to their interests, but introducing them to new experiences outside the centre in a variety of locations ranging from the mountains to the sea.


Our Story


The middle of the week is always a favourite for a group of our guys who enjoy their very own “Dudes Day Out” program. This has helped our guys get to know each other socially and bond as men do, doing activities such as fishing, bowling, visiting the local “Men’s Shed” and BBQ's. They always have fun and love telling their stories of the “one THIS big” and “the one that got away”.


We also have a small group that goes to a local coffee shop every week and visit St Marys Library, as we like to maintain our strong connections within our local community.



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Support Program Options

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1:1 Individual Supported Program


Community Access


Music Appreciation

Themed Days(Australia Day, Easter, ANZAC Day, Halloween and Christmas)




Work Experience


Bike Zone

Arts and Craft 

Communication Workshops

Dude’s Day Out





An empty chair is always found for those wishing to come and visit our centre anytime and helpings hands are never turned away.


St Marys Community Day Program is located at 28 Gidley Street, St Marys.