Penrith Community Programs

Our Penrith Centre Community Day Program is known for its warm and friendly staff and most of all its fabulous team spirit. The team is a unique mix of experience, youth, gender and culture. It is this diversity that is our strength.


There is a climate of inclusiveness that permeates all of our interactions both with our participants and with each other. This makes for a caring and supportive team whose focus is all about our participants.

Our Penrith Centre Community Day Program caters exclusively for those participants who have trouble regulating their emotions and have difficulty interacting with the community. It is a centre with a feeling of security and safety and from this base, participants can access the community as part of individual programs based on their abilities and needs.

Some of the activities include walking for fitness, visits to cafes and places of interest, BBQ’s, sensory activities and art and music programs.  Please note, there are no current vacancies

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Walking for Fitness

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Penrith Centre Community Day Program is located at 686 High Street, Penrith.

Our Story


Our goal is to help people move from isolation to community involvement for e.g. one young man that has difficulty regulating his anxiety and subsequent behaviours, has with the support of our skills staff, a plan of activities that includes visits to the library and local shopping centres, enthusiastic participation in a music program, visits to the local club, swimming, BBQ’s, cooking, walking for fitness and learning how to use an iPad and computers.


Life is now full of enjoyable and meaningful activities and he walks into the centre every morning with a beaming smile, which lights up his face - this is very rewarding indeed.



Our Team


Joy Lockyer is our Penrith Centre Coordinator. Joy has a Diploma in Community Services (Disability) with over 22 years experience. She is passionate about giving people with disabilities the opportunity to choose the best life they possibly can and has a particular interest in Autism and the use of augmented communication.