Macquarie Avenue Community Day Program

Our Macquarie Avenue Community Day Program is situated in a beautiful heritage listed home that is conducive of a calm and warm environment. Located close to central Penrith with easy access to buses and train services, as well as parklands, the Nepean River, walking tracks and Olympic venues, Macquarie Avenue Community Day Program is located at the pathway to the Blue Mountains - participants are spoiled for choice.


Our staff at Macquarie Avenue Community Day Program are always looking to do things outside of the square. A few years ago, our team developed a Friendship Morning which was held at our Macquarie Avenue location and was open to all in the community to pop in and say hello and have a sausage sizzle. Our staff recognised this as a way to help the participants connect with the wider community and to assist them in confidence building. Fast forward to today and what is now known as “Friendship Day” is held every three months at a local hall and usually caters for over 200 people from various organisations and families, as well as the wider community. From humble beginnings, we are now known all over Sydney for this special day and how meaningful it is to all that attend.

Our Story

A group of participants at our Macquarie Avenue Community Day Program undertake the Clemente Program. The Clemente Program provides the opportunity for members of the community to access university courses. This was a great experience for our participants to attend lectures and tutorials to build on skills and was also an incredible boost to the confidence of the participants.

Kris has attended our centre for several years. Over time his involvement in our programs and with the assistance of experienced support staff saw him able to upskill on many different levels, in particular socially. He also participated in individual programs such as budgeting, computers, cooking programs, work experience, touch football, social outings and holidays. Kris has moved on to paid work.

Jayden is a lovely young man who came to our centre just after finishing school. Jayden was struggling with the transitional changes in his life and needed intensive support to assist him transition into a new routine. He also needed to learn to trust the staff and all the new faces (participants). Jayden struggled to interact with others and to start conversations.

After participating in our Community Day Program for several months now, Jayden is happy and now enjoys engaging in conversations with staff and his peers and doesn’t think twice now about starting conversations. He enjoys a good laugh, he smiles and asks a lot of questions. We introduced Jayden to a supported work placement at McDonalds which he loves. Jayden has also been attending a drama program and we believe this program has assisted to further develop his communication and social skills. Jayden is continuing to grow and moving forward to a positive and meaningful future.


Our Team


Gity Shariati is our Macquarie Avenue Coordinator. Gity commenced with NADO in 2002 and brings with her a multitude of experience within the industry. Gity is a sound believer in inclusion and cultural diversity within the community for all people. Gity currently sits as a volunteer on the Penrith City Council Community Multi-Cultural Working Committee.

Gity takes great pride over the years in building a team with a vast range of talent/personalities and experience with education specific to disability. Her team at Macquarie Avenue are dynamic, professional and fun spirited with a diverse cultural mix.


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Support Program Options

Get in Touch with Us to discuss your needs



Skills for Work (work experience at local businesses)

Greater Learning  (Clemente University opportunity to attend lectures and tutorials to build skills)

Living Skills Program  (after hours, we come to you 1:1 or in our centre - small group settings)

Yoga (strength building and mind relaxation)

Drama (teambuilding and communication through role playing)


Bits and Bytes

An in-house computer course (all levels)

Social Engagement in the Community (sailing, swimming, bushwalking )

Financial Literacy Programs (all levels with 1:1 support)

Music Therapy (self-expression and confidence building)

Around the World Cooking


At Macquarie Avenue, all our programs are dynamic and evolving to the ongoing needs of the individual.


Macquarie Avenue Community Day Program is located at 10 Macquarie Avenue, Penrith.