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Caring for someone with a disability



Many people with a disability live independent lives, gaining any assistance they require to do everyday things from technology, paid supports or sheer willpower!

Some people are dependent on a family member or friend to help them with physical tasks, personal care, transport and emotional support.

Whilst the caring relationship can be fulfilling and rewarding, the carer is often not in a position where they can choose not to be available, even when they themselves are tired, ill or need a break.

Caring for someone with a disability can be tiring – both physically and emotionally. It doesn't matter if they are an older or a younger person with a disability, the support of family, friends and community services is important.

If you're caring for someone with a disability, you're not alone. There are a number of services, resources and support to help you in your caring role.

This information is specific to carers who support a person under 65 with a disability.


If you're caring for someone at home, there are a number of services to help and support you in your caring role.

When you spend most of your time looking after other people it's easy to forget to look after yourself too. But it's really important...