Shared Accommodation

Shared accommodation offers the opportunity for residents to live with other people and have the support they require while also developing their independence.



When you live in a shared residence managed by NADO you will:


  • live in a home where you feel secure, safe and comfortable
  • enjoy privacy and freedom
  • be involved in decisions about any changes to your home and activities
  • have the opportunity and ability to grow, develop and engage in individual social, cultural and religious practices
  • have opportunities for relationships in and outside of the home
  • have a suitable and accessible physical environment
  • have the information and encouragement to make healthy lifestyle choices
  • develop the skills to live independently





NADO is developing opportunities for shared living for the future.

Get in touch with us to let us know your needs for the shared living so we can help you plan for your future. In some situations, applicants may be required to be eligible to receive funding for specialist disability accommodation in their NDIS or Continuity of Support plan.