In Home Support

NADO provides drop in support to participants in their own home.  The drop in support hours can vary pending on the participants support needs and current NDIS funding.


The purpose of our drop in support is to provide “support in-home” without taking away the participant’s independence.  For example, support for budgeting, household routines, household maintenance, shopping and personal care may make the difference of being able to live independently in your own home. Our team can assess your readiness to live independently and help with your tenancy needs.

Supports provided can be as follows:

 - budgeting and banking
 - grocery shopping
 - domestic duties, assistance to support the participant with cleaning. (NADO staff are not a cleaning service.)
 - cooking programs
 - community access




Staff are selected on the best match to participant needs.  The hours of support will depend on the participant’s support needs and the NDIS funding that has been provided. A person-centred active support approach, provided by our staff aims to maintain independence, dignity and encourages new skills and growth.

In home support

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