How NDIS & NADO Work Together


NADO’s personalised, empowering approach corresponds with NDIS objectives and we are listed as a service provider by the NDIA. Our NDIS experienced team at NADO will provide and source the best programs and services to meet your needs so that you can live life your way.


To check your eligibility with the NDIS go to the Am I eligible | NDIS page, call the National Disability Insurance Agency on 1800 800 110 or visit the NDIS website.

Helping hands of NADO

1. Just starting on your NDIS journey and need some help to think about your goals?
2. Have a plan and don’t know what to do next?
3. Looking for services such as personal support, social, group or centre based activities?
4. Wondering about how to live more independently?
5. Need help with Support Coordination or Plan Management?

Contact NADO if you would like help with any part of your NDIS journey.

Our team can breathe life into your NDIS plan, enriching your goals with their ideas, passion, and experience.

"I am seeing greater self-determination in the NDIS planning process and more community engagement. As a Support Worker I can be more responsive to each person’s needs.”– Wayne Airth, NADO Support Worker

“Holistic involvement and connection. The planning process allows for the continuous building of goals and achievements. We can step In and out as needed.”– Paul Wilson, NADO Support Worker

We also value the families and carers and the vital role they play in supporting people with disabilities.

“I wouldn’t be able to keep caring if NDIS hadn’t come along. Before, it was so hard to get the help we needed and it was spread all over the place. Now, it just so easy and we only have to go to one place. That makes my job so much easier.” – Paul Ingle, Foster Carer

“For those people with disability who are most vulnerable, we remain the crucial link not only to build good lives for those we love and but for NDIS to achieve their stated objectives.”– Laurel Lambert, Carer

Who is looking after you?

Meet our client engagement officer team, they are supporting people to implement their NDIS plans through the functions of support coordination, plan management and plan implementation.

When you start your service with NADO, a client engagement officer will be appointed to you as your point of contact to implement your plan. They will help you with your specific needs every step of the way, both with services that NADO can provide you as well as connections to other services and supports in the community. They are an experienced team who will help you build the network of services and supports that meets your needs.

plan management

Like to know more about how we can help you implement your plan?