Eligible Card Holders

You can be a NADO VIP Card holder if you are:

• a service user of NADO or a service user’s carer
• or an employee or volunteer of NADO


Your Benefits

1. NADO VIP Cardholders may from time to time received discounts from various participating businesses.
2. All participating businesses will be listed on NADO’s website for easy reference.
3. As a NADO VIP Card holder, you will receive email or text notifications advising of any supplier changes including new businesses partnering with NADO, along with any specials as provided by the participating business.


Terms and Conditions

1. NADO’s VIP Card is a FREE program designed to support all of our people.
2. The NADO VIP Card is not a rewards program.
3. There are no fees to join. You will be entitled to receive a NADO VIP Card when you are eligible according to our terms and conditions. Limit of one card per membership.
4. The NADO VIP Card is issued for your personal use only. You must not lend or share your card at any time, for any reason.
5. Being a NADO VIP Cardholder does not give you right of entry to all participating businesses, nor does it constitute the membership of any participating businesses.
6. Discounts may not apply in conjunction with other offers, promotions, specials, discounts etc. This will be at the discretion of the individual business and is not the responsibility of NADO.
7. The discount amount or a value proposition may vary from business to business.
8. You must promptly notify us of any changes in your details, of any lost, stolen or any unauthorised use of the card.
9. It is not NADO’s responsibility to uphold any discounts advised to us. We do ask that you notify us if you have any problems, so NADO is able to investigate.
10. The NADO VIP Card is the property of NADO, therefore should you no longer be associated with NADO, the card is to be returned to head office.



1. Information about you, including information about your membership, will be held by NADO Inc. This information is collected by us for the purpose of operating your NADO membership and VIP Card.


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