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About Ema Finance 

We are passionate about working with people within our community to help nurture their financial power and build a successful financial life for themselves and their families.  

We work with our clients at every level, to plan for and achieve their goals using leverage from the best of what financial services have to offer. These include lenders (Banks and other financial institutions) and other professional services organisations including; accountants, financial advisers, Credit repair specialists and business advisers.

We are a licensed credit representative with ASIC, and collectively have access to over 27 lenders and thousands of loan products nationally. We offer personal loans, home loans, investment loans and car loans for personal use, and a multitude of options for loans for any business use.

We offer fast turnaround times, and for NADO family and friends all our services are free.

We will help you with every step of your journey with us, from the initial appointment, all the way through to settlement of your new loan and beyond, catering to your changing needs as you advance in your life journey.

No more forms/stress when it comes to your loan needs, we will take care of all of it for you.


If you are looking for solutions that your future self will thank you for, you will find it with us at Ema.


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