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Nardia Barrett

Nardia Barrett has been in the business to help people achieve their financial goals nine (9) years and opened her own mortgage brokers business Barrett Financial Services, back in 2014.

This year has seen a rebrand of the business and is now known as Puzzle Box Finance.

Nardia has an amazing energy about her and not only is she passionate about building her own business and helping people achieve their goals, she is all about supporting her community and helping to introduce different business owners to each other through various networking events.

Nardia first met Linda Wilson our Communications Manager back in 2015 at a networking event and soon became a wonderful advocate for what NADO is about and what we do. In May 2017, Nardia signed Puzzle Box Finance up as a Friend of NADO.

When asked why she does it, Nardia said “I love being part of the NADO community. The participants and staff always put a smile on my face. Just being able to give back to my community is wonderful. We take things for granted on a daily basis and seeing the huge smiles on the participant's faces for what may seem like a small thing, makes my heart melt. I always say Kindness is FREE - give it to everyone. I’m always made to feel welcome by the participants at any event I’ve attended and that overwhelming feeling you get working with the staff to make their lives a little bit easier is amazing”.

Since being involved with NADO, Nardia has introduced a number of local businesses to NADO, where they have come on board as a NADO VIP Partner or have been able to support us through other avenues.

Nardia also has a young family, but always makes the time to help and support where ever she can.

Supporting NADO is not always about giving money, but with the support from people such as Nardia, along with her team at Puzzle Box Finance, we can help transform lives of people with disability…

Warren Marshall commenced as General Manager at Elite Sand & Soil in March 2017. Previous to this, he worked at Boral for 19 years holding various managerial roles.

Warren has a passion for supporting his local community within a work and personal capacity. Warren started his journey with NADO in June 2016 when Elite Sand & Soil partnered with us as a Friend of NADO and as a NADO VIP Partner.

After meeting with Warren and telling him a bit about what NADO does to support people with disability within our community, Warren was keen to have Elite Sand & Soil get involved and they support NADO where ever possible including a recent sponsorship for one of our Touch Football Teams the “Elites” to participate at the Bundy Cup in Bundaberg.

Warren is also a regular now at our quarterly Friendship Day events, where he volunteers his time to cook the BBQ for approximately 200 participants who attend. When asked why he does it, Warren said “Being involved in NADO’s Friendship Day is fantastic. I thoroughly enjoy seeing the joy on all the participant faces when they are engaging in their activities, and hearing their stories – they are always friendly and happy to share their stories and have a good chat. They are all so grateful for such small gestures like cooking a BBQ for them”.

Warren has 3 beautiful little girls and baby boy and for Warren, it was a reality check. Like most people, we don’t fully understand that a disability is not always visible and unless you have someone with a disability within your family or close circle of friends, you don’t realise the struggles that those who have a disability and their family go through. Warren said “Now that I have attended a number of events, it’s been a huge eye opener, we take so many things for granted. I feel by supporting NADO I am able to help get the word out to my network of business acquaintances, as well as family and friends and I am able to help NADO transform lives of people with disability”.

Since learning about NADO and getting involved, Warren has been a great advocate by telling people about NADO and supporting various fundraising events we have held. Warren has also introduced us to another business owner who also signed up as a Friend of NADO.

With Warren’s support, along with Elite Sand & Soil, together we will be venturing out to explore new fun fundraising activities.



Warren Marshall

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