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BIG companies support BIG charities, smaller local charities often miss out. NADO is a not-for-profit, community-based, charitable organisation that supports people with disabilities and their families in Western Sydney.

NADO is helping to create a community where people with a disability can live a life of fulfilment, choice and purpose.

We pride ourselves on being a local organisation, with the local knowledge and local connections. As a member of the business community, you are an important part of this support network.

We believe that by strengthening the relationship between NADO and local businesses, we strengthen the bond between people with disabilities and their community.

This activity promotes awareness of the rights, needs and abilities of people with a disability. Ultimately, this makes our community a positive, vibrant and connected place.


How Can You HELP?


By supporting/partnering with NADO you are helping people with disabilities to achieve their goals and be valued members of our community.

NADO has a number of ways you can support/partner with us, however, we understand that each organisation is different and we would customerise our partnership together with you. We pride ourselves when partnering with our supporters to ensure that it is beneficial for both NADO and our partners.

We are committed to developing long-term partnerships with organisations that share our vision of “helping to create a society where people with a disability are respected, valued and empowered to live a life of fulfilment, choice and purpose”.

BUT we can only do what we do with your support.



Pro-bono or In-kind Donations


Some organisations may prefer to support their local charity with pro-bono work or in-kind donations.

At NADO we welcome any kind of support that may reduce our costs and/or assists us to operate more efficiently.


Talk about NADO


By simply subscribing to our newsletters, attending our events, liking us on Facebook and sharing our posts and helping us share the fantastic work that we do, is a tremendous support.




NADO Community Newsletter - Be a part of our journey

Read about our stories and achievements of our participants and staff, as well as hearing about our latest initiatives and keep up to date with our fortnightly blog.

Friends of NADO is a donation program set up in 2014 to enable our services to provide relevant, high-quality programs resources. Friends of NADO donate $85 per month to assist NADO to achieve its vision of:  “Positive Futures for People with a Disability”

100% of the funds raised are directed to purchases that make the most difference. 

Find out more about Friends of NADO 


The NADO VIP Card entitles cardholders to specials/discount offers provided by our NADO VIP Partners. Through your generosity, we would like to give our growing community at NADO; participants, staff and volunteers, additional benefits for their participation, voluntary efforts and hard work through this innovative loyalty card program.    

Find out more about becoming a NADO VIP Card Partner


Partnering with NADO is not just about donating money - it’s about building a strong long lasting business relationship that is unique to the individual organisation and designed so that it is mutually beneficial for both organisations.



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