Governance Board


NADO is governed by a Board of community representatives who have business, community and disability interests.

The NADO Board is elected each year according to our constitution. Its members oversee the governance of the organisation, bringing their individual experience and expertise to the job and safeguarding and directing NADO’s future.

NADO’s services are quality checked and verified against the National Disability Service Standards. Our commitment to the highest possible standards is also demonstrated by our staff team.

Board Charter

The NADO Board honours the NADO vision by providing leadership and direction that safeguards the organisation and ensures its sustainability. This is achieved by upholding the following principles:

  • Integrity and fairness
  • Ethical and responsible governance
  • Loyalty to all stakeholders
  • Courage to innovate and advocate on behalf of people with disabilities
  • Respect for others through a willingness and ability to listen and understand the thoughts, ideas and concerns from all cultures, beliefs and value systems

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2017/2018 Board

NADO Board member Ray Dyer

President Ray Dyercommenced on the Board in 2010, became President of NADO in 2014 and was re-elected to the position in both 2015 and 2016. Ray has been a long-time NADO supporter, bringing a well-rounded background of relevant professional experience in human resources, management, worker’s compensation and training together with a personal interest in supporting people with disabilities to be included as valued members of our community.

NADO Board member Percy Maddon

Vice-president Percy Madon, commencing on the Board in 2013, specialises in business leadership and management. Percy has worked with multinationals including IBM, PWC and E&Y and holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). He brings commercial experience and a personal passion for supporting people with disabilities and providing them with the same opportunities as anyone else in the community. Percy’s commercial experience assists NADO’s transformation into a market-driven model under the NDIS.

NADO Board member Anil Puri

Treasurer Anil Puri, commencing on the Board in 2014, specialises in business development, financial management, organisational systems and team development. Anil has run his own business consulting firm since 2005 and has a broad range of experience helping small and medium-sized businesses develop. He is a trained accountant with a Masters of Management and has many years of experience working in corporate businesses in Australia and overseas. Anil is passionate about helping individuals develop personally and professionally and is committed to assisting NADO adapt and grow in a changing environment.

NADO Board member Bernadette Curryer

Director Bernadette Curryer is returning to the Board, having served as a Board member and past president from 2004-2009. She brings a perspective to issues involving disability based on a range of lived experiences, including parenting an adult daughter with an intellectual disability, and 12 years working in the disability sector, primarily in the fields of self-advocacy and adult education. Bernadette has a Masters of Health Science (Developmental Disability) and is currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Sydney, researching self-determination within the family context. She is particularly interested in how services can support the rights of people with disability, enabling adults with disability to have increased control of their life whilst recognising and nurturing positive, supportive family relationships.

NADO Board member Owen Rogers

Director Owen Rogers, commencing on the Board in 2011, specialises in the business development, finance, community engagement, and leadership, having developed and run businesses in the local region. Owen has a range of experiences in banking, accounting, business strategy, relationships and mentor building and is invested in creating awareness of people with disabilities in our area, while making sure that access issues are solved in future directions for the CBD, adopting and analysing the NDIS objectives, especially implementation for our clients and NADO, while advancing partnerships and opportunities for people living with a disability in our region.

NADO board member Rhonda Burke

Secretary Rhonda Burks, commenced on the Board in 2000 and specialises in disability and carers’ needs. Rhonda is a parent and carer of an adult son with a disability. In 2012, Rhonda received a Carers Award and is an active member of the St Marys Carers group. She has been a Board member for over 15 years and is dedicated to helping NADO thrive in supporting people with a disability. Rhonda is a strong advocate for people with disability and carers, ensuring that their voices are heard.

NADO Board member SAM Arnold

Director Dr Samuel Arnold commenced on the Board in 2017.  He is a registered psychologist, and works as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Program 3 of the Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism Spectrum Disorders (Autism CRC), the world’s first national, cooperative research effort focused on Autism.  He is based at the University of New South Wales in the Department of Developmental Disability Neuropsychiatry (3DN), and formerly worked as a researcher and psychologist at the Centre for Disability Studies University of Sydney.  He is also a Casual Academic at the University of Western Sydney.  Sam is passionate about the empowerment of people with disability to pursue a chosen valued life.